ELD Made Easy

Trucking safety and compliance should be top of mind. Our trucking platform can work with your native ELD and many industry-leading systems. Leverage direct integrations and see drivers’ GPS locations and drivers’ duty status. Automatically receive truck odometer readings once daily.

It requires transport operators to equip their fleet with electronic logging devices or ELDs to control drivers’ hours of service. And just like any other advanced solution, this smart device depends largely on the efficiency of the software that enables its operation.

When paired with fleet tracking software, motor carriers can improve safety, efficiency and reduce costs across their fleet operation.

Benefits of an efficient ELD solution for your business


Improved road-traffic safety

ELDs communicate directly with the engine and use its operation as reference. While drivers could easily fake their HoS and duty status on paper logbooks, that’s no longer an option with this independent monitoring device.

So now, they can’t drive longer hours than they are allowed to, which significantly reduces the risk of traffic accidents caused by fatigue. It reduces the road toll in the first place, as well as financial damage.


Cost savings

Risk mitigation for traffic accidents saves companies from severe financial losses usually incurred by servicing of wrecked vehicles, compensation to victims or excessive insurance fees. Moreover, ELDs as monitoring devices compel drivers to use fuel and vehicles rationally, which also results in considerable cost savings.


Increase productivity and availability

 ELD track commercial motor vehicle operators’ time to the nearest minute—instead of the closest 15-minute mark–giving drivers more availability and opportunities to earn more money.


Receive real time updates

ELD sends all collected data to the FleetUp platform every 10 seconds, where users can view everything from GPS location to e-maintenance schedules to fuel waste analysis to HOS compliance records.

How to develop ELD software: Core functionality

Electronic logging devices to keep your fleet connected and efficient

Now that you’re convinced that a robust electronic logging device (ELD) application is a must, let’s figure out what functionality it should have. For smart devices, software should be well-thought-out and reliable and should transform a mediocre application into an efficient ELD fleet app.