Live Dashcams

Is Your Commercial Fleet Protected?

Vehicle camera systems are an essential tool in reducing accidents, preventing fraud and saving lives on the road. We have a range of both standalone and live vehicle dash cam systems. The standalone unit stores video footage to an SD card or SSD Hard Drive. The live fleet monitoring system is additionally capable of sending data to a central server either via a 5G modem or Wi-Fi when the vehicle returns to the office.

Some features you'll find with our dash-cams:


Hassle-Free Installation

Our TrackerTeam engineers install your tracker at a time and location to suit you.


24 Hour Monitoring

24/7 265 monitoring available through apps, online and security centres.


Data Overwrites

The oldest data is overwritten when the SD card or hard disk runs out of storage space. There is no need to manually delete footage. Data can either be viewed through the viewer desktop software or via the phone app.

GPS and Sensors

Records second-by-second location, G-force events and speed violations

Detect risky events with a real-time dash cam

Stay informed of unsafe driving behavior with high-resolution images and video of events, plus the location of where it happened.

Capture cell phone use, smoking, tailgating or driver fatigue so you can minimize risk and better coach your drivers.

Fleet dash cams improve fleet safety by providing accurate insights for coaching. Machine vision and AI in fleet camera systems detect distracted driving and other risky habits. Learn how to get a safety advantage with commercial vehicle cameras.